The Country with Thousands of Options to Admire
Spain is one of the biggest countries in Europe and one of the most beautiful around the world. The diversity of its landscape and the multiple choices that provide made the country main tourist destination. Actually, Spain is the second most visited country after France, attracting more than 50 million visitors annually.

This entire crowd comes in Spain in order to admire some of the best attraction that cannot be met elsewhere. UNESCO includes many Spanish sights and monuments in its World Heritage List, supporting and advertising the country worldwide. The Cave of Altamira in Basque Country is, surely, one of the most impressive attractions of Spain, attracting visitors who desire to see cave paintings from Upper Paleolithic period and get lost in the labyrinth of the seventeen caves that are located there.

The old town of Segovia, in Castille & Leon, is another place that can easily be admired, since it was constructed in the 1st century by Romans. In many occasions important personalities left their mark to their hometowns. The perfect example of such a fact is Antoni Gaudí, in Barcelona. This famous architect never left the city of Barcelona and he also denied a lot of money that were offered to him, in order to design buildings in other places. Casa Milà and Casa Batlló are only two of his famous achievements, imposing enough to blow your mind. However, the aroma of traditional Spain is spread in Toledo. This little town with paved streets and lovely buildings is considered to be the most atmospheric place in Spain and according to its visitors, a must-visit town.

Admittedly, talking about Spain’s landmarks is never tiring and lot of words was used to describe country’s beautifulness. Above are only some of the places you may visit, staring them like a kid in front of a candy shop!