Many Attractions and Sights that Are Able to Blow Your Mind Away
Respecting its culture and its tradition, Spain displays a lot of unique attractions and remarkable sights. The country is so large that a whole book would not be enough to list the landmarks of this Iberian country. Due to its rich history and its significant development, Spain offers multiple points of interest for you to admire.

Sports are an important field of the Spanish culture, showing numerous successes in every type of athletic activities. However, the pride of the Spanish football is Real Madrid, the most successful team in both domestic and universal competitions. The home stadium of Real is one of the most impressive stadiums of the whole wide world (81,000 seats), offering tours to its visitors, while its rivalry with Barcelona FC is one of a kind, captivating millions of fans all over the world. Barcelona was the city that hosted the 1992 Summer Olympic Games and is also the famed city of Antoni Gaudí, the legendary architect who has reformed the city with his structures. Sagrada Família and Park Güell are among his most notable buildings, attracting millions of tourists to admire his work.

Near Barcelona another atmospheric place is located. The Santa Maria de Montserrat abbey is perched on a rocky landscape, capable of blowing your mind with its imposing views and its spiritual aroma. Andalusia, on the other hand, offers mountainous landmarks, such as the Alhambra Palace on the Sierra Nevada Mountains, while special events and festivals take place in towns and villages of Spain, including the ambiguous Running of the Bulls in Pamplona and the extraordinary Tomatina Festival in Buñol.

A lot more attractions and events are waiting for your presence, should you choose Spain as your holiday destination. The country is full of touristic treasures, impressive enough to make you want to repeat such a visit time and time again!